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Fireplace Maintenance

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Nothing is more relaxing than warming up next to your fireplace after a day on the slopes at Taos Ski Valley, Angel Fire Resort, Red River or Sipapu.  With ski season just around the corner, making sure your fireplace is maintained and ready for the season should be a top priority. 

Wood Burning Stove or Fireplace

If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, be aware that these are more likely to start unwanted fires than gas fireplaces.  With that in mind, your fireplace and chimney should be inspected and cleaned once per year.  Using your wood burning stove or fireplace can leave deposits, or creosote, on the inside of your chimney that can reduce airflow and become flammable.  Some people purchase creosote logs.  These inexpensive logs can remove creosote from the inside of your chimney as they burn.  However, it is best to hire a local professional to inspect and clean both your fireplace and chimney with the most appropriate and efficient equipment.  Here are a few local companies that can provide these services. 

Ridge Riders Chimney Sweep | 575-741-0225

Terry Chimney Services | 575-758-1825

Bailey’s Chimney | 575-770-7769

Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are also common and requires a little difference approach.  Inspecting your gas lines for damage or leaks is the most important step in maintaining your gas fireplace.  If you suspect a gas leak, evacuate immediately and call either your local fire department or propane provider. They’ll be able to sniff out the leak and most propane providers can also fix the leak on the spot. Gas lines are dangerous and should be fixed by a licensed professional.

Regardless of what type of fireplace you have and whether or not it is maintained, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are critical.  You should have one smoke and carbon monoxide detector centrally located on every level and in every bedroom in your home.  Detectors should be tested monthly and batteries changed twice per year.  For more winter safety recommendations from the Angel Fire Fire Department, please view this document.

Have a warm and safe winter!

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