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From our family to yours – Happy Holidays

Dear Friends:

The Chisum Realty Group family continues their badassery in 2018!  A lot of new things are happening with new team members, new family members, and new job titles. So, here’s the TOP ELEVEN 2018 Moments from the Chisum Realty Group family.

  1. SOMETHING IS IN THE WATER: Chasity welcomed baby Brady into the world and Kate is expecting a boy! Who’s next?!?
  2. I THINK THEY LIKE US: More people chose to buy or sell a home with Chisum Realty Group than any other brokerage in the entire Enchanted Circle…winning!
  3. THELMA AND LOUISE: Alyssa and Sarah joined us this year and they make up our contact-to-close team. They’re an inseparable pair always up for an adventure…let’s hope they don’t run off on an epic road trip.
  4. NEW AGENTS: Danni and Amanda joined the team as Buyer Specialists and we just love their smiling faces and their infectious drive to go the extra mile.
  5. OPERATION UPGRADE: A well-oiled company needs the best processes and tools.  Luckily, Jodee is now our Operations Manager, helping us evolve into the most progressive real estate team in New Mexico and beyond. 
  6. TEAM PLAYER: Jim sold his house and bought land with Chisum Realty Group this year…he’s waiting for everyone else to do the same…tick tick tick.
  7. WE MOVED: Have you stopped by to see our new office? It’s fabulous. We have room for everyone, views galore and no one has to sit next to the bathroom.
  8. SHED A TEAR: Baylee made it through her first year and only cried once…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
  9. ROCKSTAR: Lisa continues to be our rockstar agent exceeding all her goals and once again being the top buyer agent in our entire MLS.
  10. STUCK NO MORE: Pat traded up to a mountain capable SUV this summer and is happy to say she hasn’t been stuck once. A perfect match for her work hard/play hard lifestyle.
  11. MORE SPECIALIZED THAN EVER: Tara officially moved out of production to be a full-time, laser-focused, pantsuit-wearing CEO. Actually, her style didn’t change but she is more focused than ever.

We wish all our friends, family, spouses, co-workers, team members, relatives, clients, community members, neighbors, compadres, and bros a Happy Holiday & New Year from the Chisum Realty Group.

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