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How to get your home ready for market | The Knowledge Broker: Episode 3

Welcome to our third episode of The Knowledge Broker by Chisum Realty Group. In this episode, we’ll be discussing how to get your home ready for market and sell for the most money in the least amount of time. Is you have any questions about this topic or have suggestions for future topics, please comment below. Thanks for watching!

Video Transcription:

Welcome to The Knowledge Broker! I’m Tara Chisum, here today with our Marketing Director Jim Merritt.


And we’re talking about how to get your home ready for market. So Jim, from a marketer’s perspective, why is first impressions so important.

With today’s online shopping experience, most homeowners are starting their home search online. So having a well clean and well staged home, for good photography, really helps make that good first impression.

Excellent, so for sellers who are getting ready for photography, what is step one?

Easy enough, a deep clean of your home. A lot of the homes in the Enchanted Circle are second homes so we don’t want the home to feel like it’s been vacant. A good vacuuming, getting all the dead bugs up, is a good first start.

Great, so after cleaning, then what’s next?

Next, we’ll get into decluttering, the more you can declutter the more open your home will feel.  You can start with the kitchen, clearing off all the counter tops of small appliances and then getting into the bedroom and bathrooms and clearing out all personal items. We want the home to feel very inviting and ready for the next homeowner just to move in.

Excellent, I also think it’s important to have your closets and garage spaces clean and organized. Vacation home owners are coming up here to unplug and the last thing they want to think about is chores and to-do lists.

And additionally, we’d want the home to feel very light and bright so the first thing I would recommend is having your windows’ cleaned. We want to bring nature in and from a photography standpoint, I want to be able to highlight the view or nature around your home. We also want to make sure all the home lighting fixtures work and have working bulbs.  Again, this is going to put your home in the best light for photography and showings.

Great, and if you want to take it to the next step, there are lots of opportunities to invest in home improvements to really maximize your return and that’s something the seller team can counsel you on.

Ya, I’m currently go through that process right now with the seller team as I get my home ready for sale and they’ve given me some great home improvement tips to really help…provide a great return on my investment and also be competitive in my price point.

Yes, sell for more money in less time.


Thank Jim for sharing your knowledge.

You’re welcome.

If you have other topics that you’d like for us to discuss, please comment below and we’ll see you next time on The Knowledge Broker.


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