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Internet Service Providers in Angel Fire, New Mexico


Girl Park Internet Laptop Angel Fire New MexicoThere are so many advantages to living in the Angel Fire area, from the spectacular views to the convenient access to skiing, golf and the outdoors. At one time these tremendous benefits were somewhat overshadowed by a lack of high speed internet access, but luckily we now live in well wired Angel Fire, New Mexico.

There are three main options for us to digitally connect to the outside world: DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), satellite internet and fiber optics. But before we begin that discussion, we need to talk about location.

How close are you to the Angel Fire Country Club? This may determine if you are able to get CenturyLink’s DSL, which is basically high bandwidth internet sent over ordinary copper telephone lines. How clear is your home of overhead vegetation? Too many obstructing trees may limit your ability to have consistent satellite internet. And finally did Kit Carson Telecom connect your home to their fiber optic network for free in 2014, or do you need to pay for the connection?

Option 1, if you live within a few miles of the Country Club, CenturyLink may be your DSL solution. Their website will let you input your address and then it computes how much it will cost per month for the desired bandwidth. The prices tend to be reasonable for 3-7 Megabytes. This is a good budget option for low usage users but may not be sufficient for a hi-tech households who stream videos or plays online games.

Option 2, satellite internet is available nearly everywhere as long as there is a clear line of sight from the receiving dish. The speeds will be faster and the fees higher; plus buying or leasing the dish is an additional expense. There are several providers including Dish, HughesNet and Exede. This is a good, and possibly only option for remote properties without access to the fiber optics and DSL infrastructure.

Option 3, if you have a fiber optic drop, or connection from Kit Carson Telecom, then you’re all set for blazing fast internet up to 100 Megabytes! Expect to pay around $40 a month for 30 Megabytes service which will be sufficient for most households. If you’re home isn’t connect yet, contact Kit Carson Telecom to install a connection from the street to your home. Expect a connection estimate within 6 weeks with it costing around $9 per foot to install. Kit Carson Telecom’s fiber optic network is widely available throughout Angel Fire and the Enchanted Circle

Finally, Shuter Library has free wireless internet available inside or via their parking lot 24/7. If you need a better work environment and a more stable connection, visit Angel Fire’s iHub, a new coworking space with extremely fast internet speeds and a cozy yet professional environment to work in.

Stay informed and stay wired.

Service Providers:

CenturyLink (DSL Internet):

Dish (Satellite Internet):

HughesNet (Satellite Internet):

Exede (Satellite Internet):

Kit Carson Telecom (Fiber Internet):

Shuter Library (Free Wi-Fi):

Angel Fire iHub (Paid Internet):

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