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Is Angel Fire a Good Place to Live?

An aerial photo of Angel Fire Resort with puffy white clouds in the sky and yellow aspen leaves in the foreground
Angel Fire, New Mexico

This question is an important one! Especially when you’re possibly putting a big investment into a place to live. But what constitutes ‘good to live?’

Affordability, employment opportunities, and crime rates are a few of the top things to consider when choosing a place to live. Even with the rise of costs across the country over the last few months, Angel Fire’s cost of living is only 1.6% higher than the national average, according to So, depending on where you’re coming from, you may see no change or even a drop in cost of living expenses. As for employment opportunities, there are some consistent options in the area, like Angel Fire Resort and it’s nearly year-round operations, but Angel Fire has made a name for itself as a fantastic place to post up as a remote worker, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. With fast and consistent fiber optic internet throughout the valley and lots of peace and quiet, it’s no wonder why people found this mountain village to be a hidden gem for their Work-From-Home office! And last but not least, crime rates. According to the FBI Crime Data Explorer, Angel Fire had 4 violent crimes and 13 property-related crimes reported in 2021. While that may seem high for a village of 1,200 full-time residents, it is relatively low for a busy summer and winter destination and below the state and national crime average.

Image for blog post on School options in Angel Fire New Mexico by Chisum Really Group
Moreno Valley High School

Now, what about the things that make Angel Fire a good place to live for a family? Schools and extra curricular activities are probably pretty high on your list, right? Good news! The area’s elementary, middle, and high schools consistently rank in the top percentages of the schools in New Mexico. The Eagle Nest Elementary-Middle School, just twelve miles away in Eagle Nest, and the Moreno Valley High School, right in Angel Fire, offer small class sizes and a close-knit community for growing minds. The Moreno Valley High School employs the Paideia Philosophy and ‘aspire to provide a handcrafted education in a digital age.’ As for extra curricular activities, what’s better than growing up with a ski resort and mountain bike park right in your backyard? The Angel Fire Resort Children’s Ski School offers lessons to children as young as 4 years old, and the Angel Fire Ski Team makes sure the kiddos continue to grow their skills with a group of their peers. And Mac N Cheese, the beginner area for the bike park, makes Angel Fire Resort accessible to all levels and ages of mountain bike enthusiasts!

Top 10 Questions about Angel Fire blog feature photos for Angel Fire, NM presented by Chisum Realty Group
Chile Express Chairlift

But maybe cold hard facts aren’t really what help you consider a place ‘good.’ There are several aesthetics of a place to consider, as well. How’s the climate? What is the social or art scene like? Is it a hop, a skip, or a jump from the great outdoors? Luckily for Angel Fire, those questions are probably the more fun answers. Angel Fire sees all four of the seasons through the year, and all are considered mild in comparison to other areas of the country. The summer begins in early May and can continue through late September, with temperatures rarely exceeding the low 80s and refreshing monsoons in July and August, and the winter can bring ample snowfall and cooler temps, but rarely does it inconvenience travel or daily life for longer than a day. Angel Fire is considered a small, quiet village with a fairly quaint social scene, so if you’re more inclined for a sparse suburban feel far from the downtown nightlife, then this is the place for you. Culture and art are nearby with several locally-owned studios and farmers markets to attend in Angel Fire and around the Enchanted Circle. And with the vast outdoors mere steps from most homes, plus great skiing and a world-class mountain bike park, there’s nowhere else quite like it.

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