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Is Angel Fire, New Mexico Expensive?

Angel Fire has certainly experienced the same effects as the rest of the country over the last few years. Housing costs and inflation have affected the prices of goods and services. has the cost of living for Angel Fire to be 1.6% higher than the national average, with the largest increases in Transportation, Food, and Housing. However, the median cost of a single-family home in Angel Fire in 2022 is $584,000, which is lower than other comparable ski area towns, like Durango, Colorado at $770,000, or Salida, Colorado at $697,000. So while Angel Fire may look expensive at first glance, by comparison, it is still affordable place to buy a home.

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Sunset views from an outdoor deck at a home in Angel Fire, New Mexico

Another thing to consider is the low tax rates in New Mexico. Colfax County collects, on average, 0.44% of a property’s assessed fair market value. This is one of the lowest property tax rates in the country.

Lastly, in regards as a ski resort town, Angel Fire is significantly more affordable in several ways than others. A resort membership, which is mandatory for all homes purchased within the village limits, has two affordable tiers to choose from: Platinum and Base. A Platinum membership gives the member access and discounts at all resort amenities, including free golf and unlimited skiing and mountain biking. For vacationing visitors, Angel Fire continues to be a great option with more affordable lodging and lift ticket options than many ski areas in the Rockies, which makes operating a vacation rental in Angel Fire a great option for additional income. The number of skier visits to Angel Fire Resort has risen consistently over the last few years, meaning despite rising costs, people are still making winter and summer vacations a priority.

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