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Real Estate Buying Cycles in Angel Fire, New Mexico

Angel Fire Real Estate Buying Cycles

When it comes to real estate in Angel Fire, we hear a lot of misconceptions around our buying cycles. Some of these misconceptions are rooted in outdated data and a few snowbird Realtors. At Chisum Realty Group, we’re full time, year round locals who run a year-round Real Estate company. We use years worth of data and experience to help us understand Angel Fire’s buying cycles, providing our clients with a competitive advantage. Let’s look at why Spring is one of the best times to list your Angel Fire home.

Angel Fire’s Real Estate is Not Seasonal

We’re going to let you in on a little secret, Angel Fire is seasonal if you’re only looking at tourist activity. The winter and summer activity season is family vacation time. This is when visitors alike discover Angel Fire, fall in love and start daydreaming about owning a second home in the mountains. The keyword is start. It’s vacation time, buyers have limited availability and they’re exploring what they can afford. We hear a lot of “just starting our search” type of feedback during the summer and winter. So while it’s a good idea to have your home listed during the Summer and Winter due to the volume of visitors in town, you’re missing the first major buying cycle of the year, Spring.

Spring = Serious Buyers

Angel Fire Resort’s ski season brings the most visitors to Angel Fire, almost 3x as many as the summer. So as visitors fall in love with Angel Fire on their ski vacation, a lot don’t have time to explore our real estate market. So, they go home, research the market and start talking to our Seller Specialists while making plans to shop for a home in the Spring. And our strategies works! Historically, May is one of the most active months for closing for our clients. With an average closing taking 30+ days, buyers are making offers in early Spring. Our springtime showings are filled with serious buyers looking to make a decision.

Spring = Less Competition

We have to admit, when a competitor agent tells their client to take their home off the market for the Winter, we do a little cheer. Again, buyers are showing up all year long. Since we use data to determine our listing strategy, our client’s homes see less competition with higher sale prices. Also, June, July, and August are the heaviest listing months where a home can easily get lost in the crowd.

So what’s the theme? Serious buyers typically don’t make their purchase decision during their vacation and our market is not seasonal. If selling your Angel Fire home or condo is a 2018 goal, now is the time to list. Please contact one of our Seller Specialists for a free consultation at 575.377.2321 and Jodee or Kate will be happy to help.


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