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Tree Trimming in Angel Fire

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Aside from the countless outdoor activities, the pristine mountain views are what truly attracts many home buyers to Angel Fire. When choosing a home or lot, you may have to trim and/or cut trees in order to achieve that perfect mountain view. Here’s some things you’ll need to consider before revving up that chainsaw.

If you choose a property within Angel Fire Resort (AFR) boundaries, you will automatically become a resort member.  This also means that your property will need to comply with the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO) bylaws.  AAFPO oversees the relationship between Angel Fire property owners and AFR and also enforces various covenants.  More specifically, tree trimming/thinning and cutting is regulated by AAFPO’s sub-committee, the Angel Fire Environmental/Architectural Control Committee (AFE/AAC).  All plans must be approved by the AFEACC prior to start to ensure all requirements of the covenants are met.  Tree thinning is free of charge.  Tree cutting and/or lot clearing requires a permit.  This permit is only issued for clearing unhealthy trees and/or preventing fire danger.

Once trees are trimmed or cut, yard waste, or slash, must be removed in order to reduce wildfire risks.  Slash removal is regulated by the Village of Angel Fire’s Slash Disposal Program.  Property owners have several free options for slash removal but they first need to obtain a slash disposal slip from Village Hall.  After that, they can hire a contractor or haul their own slash to the Angel Fire Transfer Station. In addition, the Village of Angel Fire also offers a free slash pick-up program to property owners April 1 – October 15 by calling to Public Works office.

Once tree thinning and/or cutting is completed, property owners can rest assured that their cherished mountain views will also help them be a little more fire safe. Enjoy that views!

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  • Orlando Tree Service
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    It’s important to consider the regulations and requirements before trimming or cutting trees in Angel Fire. The Association of Angel Fire Property Owners oversees tree trimming and cutting within the Angel Fire Resort boundaries and a permit is required for cutting and lot clearing. It’s also important to properly dispose of yard waste and slash to reduce wildfire risks, and the Village of Angel Fire offers several options for slash removal, including a free pick-up program.

  • Abby Roswell
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    Thank you, The Chisum Group, for sharing this informative piece and raising awareness about the benefits of tree trimming in Angel Fire.

  • Steven H. Holland
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    The “Tree Trimming in Angel Fire” website is an absolute gem! It offers concise yet comprehensive insights into tree care in the Angel Fire area. With expert tips and local knowledge, it’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to maintain healthy trees. Highly recommended!

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