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What is Angel Fire Resort Membership?


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Potential homeowners have two options when choosing a home in Angel Fire, New Mexico. They can choose to live inside Angel Fire Resort’s boundaries or they can choose to live outside the resort boundaries. The majority of Angel Fire’s 29 square miles is inside Angel Fire Resort’s boundaries which comes with a membership, more on that later.

Properties that can be found outside of resort boundaries include a variety of homes as well as large ranches and horse properties. These properties are typically located further away from resort amenities and town center.

Living inside the resort brings you closer to the town center and all the activities like skiing, golfing, biking, hiking, and fishing. All property owners within Angel Fire Resort boundaries, whether land, condo, or home, automatically become Base Members and pay the annual membership. This was put into place by the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO). Base membership benefits include a 20% discount on daily ski lift tickets, complimentary nordic center, pool and fitness, tennis, hiking trails, hourse stable privileges and more. 

More enthusiastic members have the option of upgrading to Platinum Membership. In addition to Base Membership benefits, Platinum Membership benefits include UNLIMITED skiing, biking, and golf, preferred parking, a seasonal ski tun up, as well as a 20% discount on all regular-priced purchases on resort property including hotel, restaurants, retail, zipline, golf, and more. Becoming a resort member also makes sense for families since the annual membership cost is per household regardless of the number of unmarried dependents under the age of 23. The more family members you have, the better the value!  For a complete list of amenities, visit Angel Fire Resort membership page and pricing, click here.

Please note that membership is required for every property owned within Angel Fire Resort’s boundary. For example, if you own a lot, condo, and home, you would be required to pay 3 base memberships.

Finally, Angel Fire tends to have lower property taxes when compared to the rest of the country, especially Texas, so homeowners should view membership cost as a tax that keeps resort amenities in good shape and protects their investment.

If you have any questions about membership or living in and around Angel Fire, New Mexico, please call us 575-377-2321.

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6 Responses to “What is Angel Fire Resort Membership?”

    • Tara Chisum
      Written on

      Monte Verde lake is on the south side of town off of Lakeview Park Dr. Please let us know if you have anymore questions.

        • Tara Chisum
          Written on

          Hi Scott, yes it is. Thank you for point this out to us. We corrected our comment.

  • Jasmine Stader
    Written on

    If you work for the resort and own a condo, are you required to pay the membership fee?

    • Tara Chisum
      Written on

      Hi Jasmin,

      Almost all of the condos in Angel Fire are part of the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO). If you let us know which condo you’re interested in, we can let you know if it’s part of AAFPO. Keep in mind, condos also have a separate HOA on top of the AAFPO membership.

      At one point, Angel Fire Resort would pay the membership fee if you met certain employee criteria. I would check with Angel Fire Resort’s HR department to see if you qualify. Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to call us at 575.377.2321.

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