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What type of buyer are you?

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Tara Chisum, owner at Chisum Realty Group and I want to know, what type of Buyer are you? So that our buyer team can tailor our technology and their communication to fit your needs.

In our experience, there are three phases of the buying process, starting with Just Looking.  This phase is all about exploring the lifestyle, amenities, climate and communities. You may want to receive new listing notifications so that you can determine your budget and start to understand general market conditions.

Phase two is Getting Serious. This is about defining your budget, criteria and location and having more communication with your Buyer Specialist. So that you can do in-depth research on  home types specific to the area as well as how certain criteria can affect your value.

Phase three is Premier Access. This phase is about knowing the perfect home, your specific timeline and knowing that you have a team of advocated working for you.  When you’re on our premier access list, the entire buyer team is searching for your perfect home. They’re previewing home both on and off the market and they are ready to negotiate on your behalf.

So it doesn’t matter which phase you’re in or for how long, what matters is that you communicate with our buyer team so they can tailor the information and frequency of communication to fit your needs. So call, text, email, pony express, it doesn’t matter, just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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